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Castrogiovanni Maria

Our farm was born in the year 2003; when Mrs. Maria and Mr. Michele with their three little daughters: Maria, Giusy and Valeria, had the intuition to move from the wonderful Sicily to the thriving Tuscany, to look for new job prospects. With the suitcase on one side and the daughters holding hands on the other, Maria and Michele thanks to their desire to do, to their determination and strong of the love they feel for their family; they have set up a beautiful semi-wild state herd of sheep, cows and goats with a milk attitude with a small dairy farm attached

I Nostri


Pecorino with fresh raw milk, pecorino with red raw milk, semi-seasoned pecorino, poached pecorino with black pepper, pecorino flavored with chilli pepper, black pepper, truffle, "gran Riserva" pecorino, fresh ricotta from sheep, seasoned salted ricotta. Organic, fresh and canestrati cow cheeses of 12/24 months "gran volterrano". Organic spun pasta (mozzarella and provola); Fresh cow, sheep and goat ricotta 2 kg and 500 gr bio .; Natural organic yoghurt (fresh milk and live cultures); Fresh and seasoned goats.

Our Treasures

Pecorino Gran Riserva

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