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Pecorino with fresh raw milk, pecorino with red raw milk, semi-seasoned pecorino, poached pecorino with black pepper, pecorino flavored with chilli pepper, black pepper, truffle, "gran Riserva" pecorino, fresh ricotta from sheep, seasoned salted ricotta. Organic, fresh and canestrati cow cheeses of 12/24 months "gran volterrano". Organic spun pasta (mozzarella and provola); Fresh cow, sheep and goat ricotta 2 kg and 500 gr bio .; Natural organic yoghurt (fresh milk and live cultures); Fresh and seasoned goats.

  • Fresh raw milk pecorino: raw milk pecorino with a seasoning <60 days, fresh flavor suitable for every taste, it is considered the typical pecorino to be kept at the table every day, the rind is edible.

  • Pecorino Rosso: fresh raw milk pecorino with a seasoning <60 days, fresh and sweet flavor, table pecorino type, red rind given by the tomato paste passed in the crust to ensure optimal seasoning, the rind is edible.

  • Poached pecorino with black pepper: semi-seasoned raw milk pecorino, with a seasoning ranging from 40 days to 60 days, tasty but pleasant pecorino on the palate, the crust is covered with ground black pepper and olive oil to ensure its shelf life, crust is edible if the spicy flavor given by black pepper is appreciated. Excellent pecorino in the cutting boards to combine with dried fruit and jams or to cook the typical first course: “cacio e pepe”.

  • Semi-seasoned pecorino: raw milk pecorino with a maturation> 60 days. Slightly spicy flavor, the pasta may have some grain on the orange due to the seasoning and raw processing of the milk, it is not a defect but an indicator of the craftsmanship of the product.

  • Seasoned Pecorino: Pecorino worked rigorously raw, with a maturation that goes beyond 12 months. Sublime and decisive on the palate, to accompany chestnut honey or similar, each flake will be a surprise. The pasta may have some grain on the orange due to the maturing and raw processing of the milk, it is not a defect but an indicator of the craftsmanship of the product.

  • Pecorino flavored with black pepper in grains, chili pepper, truffle: fresh pecorino cheese <30 days of maturation of about 300 grams.

  • Gran Volterrano: raw or semi-hard paste cow or sheep cheese, with a grain similar to Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano, with a pleasant taste on the palate and a slight hint of spiciness typical of a seasoned raw milk cheese . It has an accentuated straw yellow paste, due to the diversity of the inflorescences typical of our pastures, in particular periods of the year.

  • Cow caciotta: cow cheese with a seasoning <30 days, soft and sweet taste. Suitable for the little ones or the older ones who don't like the strong flavors of the cheeses.

  • Spun Pasta: provola. Smoked provola and fresh mozzarella. The cow's milk provola is suitable for fresh consumption or to be used in the kitchen, excellent in sandwiches, on fried egg, on pizza, in baked pasta, indulge in the flavor is guaranteed!

  • Fiordilatte cow mozzarella: a triumph of flavor and a variable consistency as the spinning takes place manually. Generally the consistency is comparable to buffalo mozzarella, the flavor has nothing to envy them and is certainly lighter in calories.

  • Goat's first salt: goat salted and washed and ready for marketing the day after being produced, soft and white porcelain paste, very delicate taste with a very light and pleasant hint of goat's milk only at the end of the tasting. Excellent to serve as caprese with a drizzle of oil, diced in salad or on soups and soups of all tastes, it gives sweetness to every dish.

  • Semi-seasoned goat cheese: less than 60 days of maturation, soft paste processing, sweet taste and only on the finish it releases the unmistakable flavor of goat cheeses, very delicate and also suitable for virgins for the consumption of low goat's milk cheeses.

  • Caprino Gran- reserve: a gentle goat, raw processing, with a strong taste and pleasantly clean on the palate. Amazing grain, unmistakable goat flavor on the palate.

  • Fresh ricotta from sheep, cow and goat: ricotta di Maria is of an unmistakable creaminess, thanks to the addition of milk during production. Cow ricotta is the sweetest while sheep ricotta is the tastiest, goat ricotta is the most particular and suitable for those who appreciate the flavor of goat milk and its benefits in digestible salad.

  • Organic Cow Yogurt: milk and live cultures, without the addition of sugars and starches. A whole Yogurt that undergoes a processing of about 12 hours, during which the lactose level is lowered thanks to the fermentation that takes place during the transformation from milk into Yogurt. Excellent after a meal to stimulate digestion and enrich our body with lactic acid bacteria naturally.

We also have variations in 130 ml jars with the addition of jam of various fruits to give an extra note of sweetness for the sweet tooth.

  • Bottled pasteurized fresh milk: raw milk thermally treated by a mild pasteurization in order to restore raw milk and extend the commercial life of the product to 6 days from the production batch.

  • Bottled raw milk: we also have the authorization for the bottling of raw milk for marketing, thanks to the high quality of the raw milk produced and guaranteed health on the farm.

  • Stracchino di Maria: cow's cheese with a creamy consistency, sweet and sour taste typical of stracchino.

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