I Formaggi di Maria 


Our farm was born in the year 2003; when Mrs. Maria and Mr. Michele with their three little daughters: Maria, Giusy and Valeria, had the intuition to move from the wonderful Sicily to the thriving Tuscany, to look for new job prospects. With the suitcase on one side and the daughters holding hands on the other, Maria and Michele thanks to their desire to do, to their determination and strong of the love they feel for their family; they have set up a beautiful semi-wild state herd of sheep, cows and goats with a milk attitude with a small dairy farm attached. For generations our family has been involved in the breeding of production animals, here in Tuscany, at the foot of the magical Volterra, we have found our oasis of paradise, in which we can fully express all our knowledge and our tradition in the dairy field. Strengthened by a generational tradition, however, we got back into the game, learning new technologies and experimenting with new recipes, in order to develop products appreciated by Tuscan palates and beyond.

I Formaggi di Maria 


The farm is made up of 60 hectares and another 80 hectares for rent in neighboring areas, is fully certified organic since 2003. 40 Alpine brown, red spotted, jersey and mestizo milk cows are bred. The sheep are of the Sardinian breed and the goats are of the Camosciate and Saanen breed. In addition, for some years we have also been breeding Limousine beef veal. The peculiarity of this breeding of meat animals is that we internally build the Cow-Calf line and bring the calves to after weaning, after which most are sold for fattening to people outside the company and a large part are fattened by us for the direct marketing of bulk meat in family packages, with a frequency of about 1 time per month throughout the year. We also deal with a small herd of Large White and Duroc pigs, which are fed with the sheet resulting from the production of ricotta and bran and barley supplementation. We produce a small selection of cold cuts and fresh meat.

La Nostra 


Our corporate management philosophy: what is extremely important for us is animal welfare; to which we give the opportunity to access the pastures throughout the day and for almost the whole year. This is not just a choice dictated by our morals, but by the common sense to seriously conduct our work, as the animals manage to fully fulfill their disposition by managing to produce a quality raw material to be able to guarantee subsequent processing in dairy. The calves are left under the mother for about 4-5 months and a part of the mother's milk is reserved for them at the end of each milking. This may seem like a foregone practice but today it is considered an exception, which only a few breeders practice. Being an organic company, we are guided by the most natural management possible, making use of homeopathic prevention and phytotherapy treatments. We use the use of classical medicine only in cases of extreme necessity and emergency to protect the health of our animals, respecting the resulting withdrawal times. The diet of our animals consists for the most part of fodder (hay polyphyte, alfalfa) self-produced on the farm and from neighboring organic farms, with the addition of a small percentage of integration of organic concentrates, also produced by nearby companies. We have decided to follow the whole supply chain, because it is essential for us to have everything under control, to guarantee superior quality milk which is indispensable for producing raw milk cheeses, taking care of the hygiene and organoleptic characteristics of the raw material directly. Even if ours is a small production reality, we can boast a nice range of products, all rigorously worked with RAW. The milk is processed within the day or at most within 48 hours in order to best preserve the properties of the freshly milked milk and not to undergo modification or alteration during storage.

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